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Discover the active adult community life

Discover the active adult community life in Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward County, Florida). Learn what will make your move pleasant and easy in your new settings at Lime Bay Condos. Scroll through to learn about Lime Bay Condos. Pictures of Lime Bay Condos and the community surroundings are at the bottom of this page.

A great place to live under the sun!

Lime Bay Condos are located in the Fort Lauderdale area, in the city of Tamarac, Broward County, Florida. Situated on the Northwest side of Broward County, Lime Bay Condos are easily reached from all major highways, I-95, I-595, I-75, the Florida Turnpike and the Sawgrass Expressway. Lime Bay Condos are less than 20 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, yet they are situated in a quiet, safe and vibrant area of Fort Lauderdale. From the skies, Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.), Florida look like an island, surrounded by lakes and canals. And, Lime Bay Condos are adjacent to a major public golf course, the Colony West Country Club of Broward County, FL.

The Administration

Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.), FL are divided in four phases with 18 buildings in all, representing 756 Adult Families (55+ years old owners), on 42 acres. Each phase has its own elected Board of Directors every year. Some phases are self-managed while others are managed by a property manager. Representatives from each phase sit on the board of the community association that takes care of all the common areas, pools, clubhouse, tennis courts, etc.

Maintenance fees and taxes are reasonable for this area of Broward County. They include services like water, property insurance, building and land maintenance, community association services, and Cable TV from Comcast. High speed Internet is available from Comcast directly or from AT&T (DSL) and others Telcos.

Today, Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.), Florida, are one of the best places to live in Florida. Well maintained and  affordable, this area makes living enjoyable.

Clubhouse and Community Life

Built in the mid 70's, Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.), Florida, have resisted many hurricanes and even survived Wilma, our most aggressive and damaging hurricane in decades. But even in these disasters, members of this community pulled together and helped each other make the best of the worst. Today, Lime Bay owners are proud that their community is completely repaired and life is back to normalcy.

The Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.), Florida, Clubhouse is the place where people meet. From the card rooms, the library, the pool room and the gym, this clubhouse is always buzzing with activities. Then there's the outside heated pool, a comfort in winter, and the jacuzzi next to it surrounded with a huge pool deck with a spectacular view.

On the grounds, Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.) host a tennis court, two other swimming pools with large pool decks, and several shuffleboard courts. Walking and bicycling are also among the favorites at Lime Bay Condos. Not to forget fishing, a pastime of many residents.

Here are some current scheduled activities at Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.) you can join: the Choral Group, the Tennis Club, the Singles' Club, the Women's Club, the Walking Club, the Bridge Club, the Bowling Club, and not to forget Bingo on Tuesday nights and the Saturday night movies.

The Surroundings

Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.) are located in a residential area close to all the services of modern living in West Broward County. The Fire Department, the Paramedics and the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) are a block away from Lime Bay Condos, next to the City Hall of Tamarac. The community center offers all kinds of activities for seniors, and all residents can enjoy the benefits from the new Sports Center that includes an olympic swimming pool. The City offers its own public transportation for seniors. The Broward County Library is also next to the Tamarac Community Center.

Hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets and restaurants are within minutes of driving from your condo. Public transportation is easy with the Broward County Transit routes.

Golf courses abound in our area and Lime Bay Condos at Tamarac are adjacent to the Colony West Country Club.

Rules and Regulations

Each Phase at Lime Bay Condos at Tamarac is a separate Corporation and has its own Condominium Documents as required by Florida Law, and its own Rules and Regulations. In general, the Board of Directors of all Phases have adopted more or less the same rules.

When you make an offer to purchase a property in Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.) Florida, you should receive automatically a copy of the Rules and Regulations effective in your newly adopted Phase. Some of these Rules & Regulations may be different from what you'll read below and that's out of our control. It is your right and duty to check with the Lime Bay Condos Office and ask to read the current rules and regulations of the Phase where you want to move in Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co., Florida).

The Age Rule

Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.), Florida, are an adult community where at least one of the owners or renters of a condo unit must be 55 years old or more. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to live in a condo unit, except for short visits not extending two weeks in most Phases.

The Pet Rule

Of the many questions buyers ask, the most common is "Are pets allowed?" because they heard that Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.) is generally friendly towards pets. Some Associations in Lime Bay Condos at Fort Lauderdale (Tamarac, Broward Co.)  generally accept small pets including cats and dogs under certain conditions. You will need to check with the Association Board of Directors to find out what are the rules on this issue. In any case, Associations follow the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and will accept pets if needed for medical purpose. Again, check with the Board of Directors.

Dog barking is strictly forbidden and severely punished by the Boards and the City of Tamarac with stiff monetary fines. And so is picking up after the pooch. These rules follow ordinances from the City of Tamarac.

The Deposit Rule

Each Phase ruled early on in their Bylaws that all new buyers needed to show and prove that they had a substantial cash down payment to purchase their new units. That down payment gives the Board of Directors some assurance that owners would not skip on their maintenance fee payments, the lifeblood of the community. Florida Law provides condominium associations the right to place a lien on a condo unit if the owner does not pay their maintenance fees as directed, and even force an owner into foreclosure for non-payment.

Today, this rule is still in force and a cash deposit is strictly required. The amount though varies depending on the Bylaws of each Phase from 10% to 25% of the purchase price of an unit.

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